The homepage of Suikomareso has been created!

From the first steps of Suikomareso in 2018 until now, the creation of its website, a lot has happened. This shows the evolution of customs, but also of the individuals behind the inn, who have managed to progress so far, without giving up. With the current global pandemic, which does not seem to be weakening, it seemed important to us to stay true to ourselves and to continue to move forward for the future, both of the house and of what it represents, and of its place in the neighborhood.

Thus, it is with great joy, and a little pride as well, that we announce the opening of the official Suikomareso website. On this page, you have access to a lot of information concerning the renovation of the building in 2018, and all the manufacturing details as well as the techniques and materials used. Then, and this is the key to this page, the reservation! It is now possible to book the house directly on the site, while taking advantage of dedicated and comprehensive plans, but also of course advantageous prices! Finally, you can find a lot of information on activities and places to visit nearby, as well as brief information on local news!

Looking forward to welcoming you.

by Xavier